White After Labor Day? …YES!

The old saying of “no white after labor day” is out the window! Who came up with that anyways?

Quick History Lesson: The rule stemmed from high-society wives in the 19th century. As the number of millionaires increased, the distinction between old and new money families became unrecognizable. By the late 1800’s, the women who came from “old money” felt it necessary to establish fashion rules for everyone to follow, one of which was wearing white after a certain day. If a woman came to an event in the wrong color like white, or with the wrong sleeve length, it was an indication that she would not be accepted by the “in” crowd. Since 1894, when Labor Day became a federal holiday, the unwritten rule of packing up your linen pieces and preparing for the fall weather was routine.

Many people have since ditched the old-age rule and fashion is forever evolving that it has become insignificant. We already wear our classic white button shirt year round, there’s no harm in adding a few more statement pieces into the mix. It’s time for us to get hip! We’ve paid good money for our clothes, we deserve to get the FULL use out of them, especially for work! 

Here are a few tips to try and add into your routine:

Source: Pinterest

Wide-Leg White Pants are in and fabulous! Find that button-up and add some flare to this look. ***Word of caution, be mindful of the fabric type when it comes to pants.


source: Pinterest

Match that white or off-white dress with a bold cardigan or blazer and printed heels.

source: Pinterest

Ready-To-Wear blouses with trousers are an easy go to. Don’t limit yourself to just black. Try Navy or Burnt Orange for color!

We’re the age of progression! Let’s leave that petty distinction of dressing idea with that century. How do you plan to rock white after labor day? Comment below! 

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