5 Ways to Transition Your Office Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

It’s finally spring, I think! Almost a month into spring and I’ve seen more rain than I’ve seen sunlight in the last few weeks, haha. Regardless, you can still be “spring-y” with your office wardrobe. It’s time to bring out the bright, pretty pastel colors and patterns that we’ve seen in the stores since Valentine’s Day.

Here are 5 tips for transitioning your office wardrobe without going overboard and possibly resembling an Easter basket.

Tip #1 – COLORS 

This tip is the most obvious, and easiest change you can make! Instead of wearing all black, (there’s nothing wrong with that, of course) pair your trousers with a soft yellow blouse. Yellow is in this season if you haven’t noticed. If you’re really bold, try those pastel trousers or skirt and add your neutral color on top! Could be navy, gray, beige —Dare to be different!


Speaking of different… Many people steer away from patterns and prints because they are unsure of how to style them! Don’t be afraid of the floral top or the paisley skirt. Let them spark your creativity! Go back to tip #1 and pair them with a neutral color to balance out the colors. I loved my floral pants from Zara in the picture below!

Tip #3 – LAYER UP

The weather isn’t warm enough to ditch all of our heavy clothes, but laying up can be used to your advantage. I’m not a colorful stockings person, but hey try it for a day! Add a cardigan or trench when you can. My favorite is adding a button up under my sheath dress. Anyway to stay warm and stylish! You can’t forget the fashion scarves either! Little details can complete your whole look.


Everything can tie together so simply. We already talked about layering up, so updating our outerwear to match the season, can be just as easy! Take a stab at wearing a colorful, lightweight jacket, or a long coat that stays open, or that trench in the back of your closet can come back out to play. (Get your Olivia Pope on!)  


Statement accessories can make a world of a difference for a winter outfit from a spring outfit. We mentioned scarves earlier when layering up. Make sure that same scarf is colorful and fun!

Imagine a simple black dress. Now add, a neutral color cardigan like beige. Finally, add on that pastel colored statement necklace and there you have it! Don’t limit yourself though! Accessories include belts, shoes, bags, earrings, bracelets, etc. Try them all!

What are other ways to spice up your wardrobe for the spring?

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