Be Wall Street Chic!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Brittany B., graduate of Hampton University’s 5-Year MBA Program. I now reside in my hometown in New Jersey. During my 9-5, I work in the assurance practice in of the Big Four accounting firms.

After graduating with my Bachelors in 2014, I realized I wasn’t doing something I loved wholeheartedly, which was fashion. I had a degree and a job, what more could I ask for? Of course, adding my passion into the mix would solve my emptiness! I decided to blog about something I’ve come to love…dressing for work!

Dressing for corporate America has its perks, but can get boring. I hadn’t had much luck with finding blogs geared towards inspiring my need, so Chic on Wall Street was born. Chic on Wall Street allows me to express my personal style in the workplace while providing insight to others. I hope my passion can be felt by others and help you dress Wall Street Chic!