Make-up Regimen Made Simple – Work Edition

When getting ready for work in the morning, I need a makeup routine that’s short and sweet, but still gets the job done. I also don’t want to break my bank account for expensive products that are for daily use. Thanks to the help of beauty blogger Leann Marie, she was able to provide her collection of drugstore products that can be used in unison or alone for the perfect work look.

Check out our favorites below!


Maybelline Master Prime Primer – $9.99

A weightless primer to address different skin concerns. Available in 4 different primers






Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-1 Foundation/Concealer – $10

A full coverage, water resistant foundation with added concealer. 

Available in 19 different shades.





Maybelline Master Bronzer Kit – $12.99

A universal bronzer and highlight kit. It contains 4 different bronzer/highlight shades






Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara – $8.49

A volumizing mascara. Available in 3 different colors.







Pixi Beauty MultiBalm – $12

2-1 Cheek and Lip Colors. Available in 6 different shades.






What items do you have in your regimen? Comment with the product names down below!


About the Blogger

Leann Marie is a beauty blogger who resides in New Jersey. With a love for everything beauty, she shares her thoughts on products as well as expresses her talents through her makeup. Visit her blog for more. 


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