Philly Fashion Week Experience 2017

Continuing in it’s 11th year of operation, the city of Brotherly Love showcases national & international designers in an effort to strengthen the influence and success of designers in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Founders Kevin Parker & Kerry Scott have created a platform that has reached over 5,000 people annually, building Philadelphia’s fashion community, featuring and supporting local, national and international retailers and independent fashion designers, and highlight a platform for amazing eclectic and diverse talent in & out of Philadelphia.

Philly Fashion Week Experience 2017

In efforts to embody Carrie Bradshaw, I had the pleasure of attending two of the events: The Business of Fashion Panel: Fashion through the Ages and the RUNWAY II show. Panelist Elizabeth Wellington, Mickey Boardman, Fern Mallis, Clare Sauro, and Heather Crowell (respectively shown below), shared their insight, perspectives, and experience to us bloggers and designers during the discussion. Their advice can be useful to various career occupations:

  • Define your Voice

  • Stay your Course

  • Be Committed 

  • Be Resourceful (use the internet to your advantage)

  • Be Yourself 

The RUNWAY II show was the highlight of my day. Sitting front row (in the press section of course), I felt like a true fashionista in her glory as I got to critic and be in awe over the collections that hit the runway. I couldn’t pick just one photo, so check out my experience down below:

Burning Guitars

Dajon J

Burning Guitars

Some of the featured designers were (Click the name to view their personal instagrams)

Dajon J

Olivers Zavi

DLeaks Bowties 

Alyssa Mapp

Thomas Lavone

These Pink Lips 

Jessie Zhao 

English Clientele

Burning Guitars 

Mah-Jing Wong

Conrad Booker

Clarence Black 

J. Pratt

Llewellyn Homme 

The objective is to get Philadelphia as a destination point for fashion. There’s surely talent and opportunity.

Best believe I’m preparing for FALL 2017. See any designers you like? Comment below!

For more details, check out PFW | Philly Fashion Week.


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