Meaningful Fashion For A New Era

In the middle of July, I attended my first TedWorldUSA event. This fashion trade show brings designers in one place to connect with fabric suppliers from across the world, showcase some of their collections, and chat/meetup to discuss how to start a fashion brand, how to zoom in on your brand identity, and much more.

During the second half of my agenda filled day, my attention was directed to the “Meaningful Fashion For A New Era” seminar. Sharon Graubard from MintModa, a consulting agency that forecasts fashion trends, led the session addressing what makes fashion, clothing, and brands more desirable for the upcoming sessions. Ultimately, it’s about the sense of emotional connection and values that make fashion meaningful and will continue for the future of fashion.

Within the presentation, Sharon made mention on future trends for the upcoming seasons and what to expect from future designers and brands. Can you believe the direction of fashion is moving towards more practical clothing? This means the long textured coats, the variety within wear-it-to-work dresses, and the detailed work shirts are all taking shape and the new must haves.

You’re probably wondering “Britt, what does this have to do with what I wear to work or what does this have anything to do with my 9-5 job ? Get to the point.” Well it means more variety and options for us to wear during our regular 9-5! This is exciting to me because that means the creative aspect for getting dressed for work, and my attire truly being an expression of myself may get easier… maybe not, but hey it just confirmed that it’s the perfect opportunity to take a stab at designing if it keeps progressing like this.

Besides the style of dressing changing, the way pieces are constructed, produced, distributed and marketed are changing the fashion game as well. Sustainable fashion seems to be making headway in many conversations. To read more about sustainable fashion, click the link here.

Changing the industry to be more sustainable will be an adjustment because fashion at the end of the day is a business, but I believe we’ll continue to see a push for sustainable fashion and its influence in the years to come. The concept is not just about the textiles like synthetic and eco-fibers being used and the reduction of wastes on the environment, but also the treatment and ethical practices towards employees and the connection made between brands and potential customers.

We as consumers continue to demand for a higher quality product and the opportunity to build genuine connections with brands. Companies are transforming the strategies they use to do business. Many brands are choosing to be more transparent with the information they disclose that will benefit their potential customers and persuade their decision to make a purchase.

Being the second largest influence in the world, fashion thrives off of the emotion and expression of feelings. As always, the future of design lies in the hands of its consumer. I see the industry/brands transitioning from the traditional ways of production into new strategies of producing high-quality pieces from qualifiable materials.

During and after the seminar, I was jumping out of my sit in excitement for what’s to come with the industry. Being a blogger, I get to write and express my thoughts on ways of workplace/office attire; but designing allows my creative juices to take flight! As we watch the steadfast trends and fads of fashion constantly change, I ask that you take witness to my new journey as a designer and follow my creative process.

*This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader

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