The B.O.S.S Connect Event

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers. – Robin S. Sharma

Many times I’m on the receiving end soaking up the information and listening to the inspiring words of individuals I admire. This time, I was asked to share my knowledge and the lesson I’ve learned up to this point in my journey. Wasn’t too nervous, but more so anxious for the opportunity! The B.O.S.S. Connect stands for Building Opportunities, Supporting Survivors. The event brought together professionals and business owners with young men and women who has passions for different aspirations and looking to make them happen. 

There’s SO MANY gems that I’ve received that I want to share them with anyone willing to listen and MSIBForever gave me that opportunity! We don’t see enough of these events occur in our communities. Sometimes people don’t want to share their wealth of knowledge, or whatever the reason; but, the only way we can raise up our communities is by working together and helping each other any way we can.

“Lift while climbing” a phrase I learned while taking Kendo in college and it stays with me to this day.

Read below for more information about the organization and the other panelist involved.

#MyStrengthIsBeautiful is an organization geared towards empowering those who have been affected by sexual assault or domestic violence. Our mission is served through nourishing the mental, physical, social, emotional, and professional development of every being we encounter. We aim to change the way survivors are viewed by the world and the way they view themselves.

From left to right:

Asia Milia Ware | Blogger, Fashion Enthusiast –

Monica Sekhmet Grant | Entrepreneur, Author, Filmmaker, and more –

Nadejah Minerva | Founder of #MSIBForever –

Nehemie Dume | Owner of Shea by Nai – @sheabynai

Joshua Walker | Artist, Entrepreneur – @amg_ceo

Make sure to check out their amazing work and products!

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Outfit Inspo | WALD


Remember my post on suggestions for wearing white after Labor Day? Well this look right along those lines. A lot of my pieces I’ve had for YEARS and these pants make appearances every once in a while, when I find something great to match with them. This is why you never throw anything away (well unless they get really old and tear apart.)

Wearing any solid color that is out-of-the-norm in the office is making a bold statement; however, I wouldn’t mind making a statement with these pants, as long as my clumsy self doesn’t ruin them before lunch. I seem to only feature pants from Zara, but I ALWAYS catch the comfortable pairs on their sales!

Sleeve detailing is in for another season and I’m here for it! Professionals should take advantage of any opportunity to show personality in the workplace. I loved the pattern of this blouse and the way it laid right above my trousers. If you only they had my size in the other options. All the items are linked below!

Outfit: Pants (similar) | Blouse | Shoes (similar) | Tote


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White After Labor Day? …YES!

The old saying of “no white after labor day” is out the window! Who came up with that anyways?

Quick History Lesson: The rule stemmed from high-society wives in the 19th century. As the number of millionaires increased, the distinction between old and new money families became unrecognizable. By the late 1800’s, the women who came from “old money” felt it necessary to establish fashion rules for everyone to follow, one of which was wearing white after a certain day. If a woman came to an event in the wrong color like white, or with the wrong sleeve length, it was an indication that she would not be accepted by the “in” crowd. Since 1894, when Labor Day became a federal holiday, the unwritten rule of packing up your linen pieces and preparing for the fall weather was routine.

Many people have since ditched the old-age rule and fashion is forever evolving that it has become insignificant. We already wear our classic white button shirt year round, there’s no harm in adding a few more statement pieces into the mix. It’s time for us to get hip! We’ve paid good money for our clothes, we deserve to get the FULL use out of them, especially for work! 

Here are a few tips to try and add into your routine:

Source: Pinterest

Wide-Leg White Pants are in and fabulous! Find that button-up and add some flare to this look. ***Word of caution, be mindful of the fabric type when it comes to pants.


source: Pinterest

Match that white or off-white dress with a bold cardigan or blazer and printed heels.

source: Pinterest

Ready-To-Wear blouses with trousers are an easy go to. Don’t limit yourself to just black. Try Navy or Burnt Orange for color!

We’re the age of progression! Let’s leave that petty distinction of dressing idea with that century. How do you plan to rock white after labor day? Comment below! 

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