Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for the Young Professional


At this age when it comes to gifts, I don’t know what to ask for. (I’m indecisive lol) If you’re buying for a young professional (either male or female) like me, you are sure to have a hard time! Before you give up and opt for a gift card (which isn’t a bad idea either), here are a few ideas to help make your shopping experience easier & make your young professional a little more stylish. 


The weather outside is frightful, so make sure your young professional is equipped with a warm, stylish coat or trench coat. Guess Double Breasted Bouclé Coat & BOSS ‘Coxtan’ Trim Fit Wool Car Coat are a couple of options. 


There aren’t many “snow days” in the real world, so appropriate boots for walking to work are essential. Durability is the goal here, so try Adirondack II for women & Butte Pendleton for men by UGG. The boots run small so make sure you make a comparison, which is located on the website. 




Timing is everything, so giving the gift of a Marc Jacobs Amy Mini RoseGold Watch or a Marc Jacobs Mens Fergus Stainless Steel Watch will keep your young professional on time (or at least try).  

You could also try Gloves and Jewelry, it’s the little things that matter!

Tote Bag or Briefcase

As we mentioned in our previous post The Sturdy & Stylish Work Bag, women and men alike need a sturdy workbag to carry work and personal necessities. Check out our previous posts for some ideas on totes & bags. If you’re looking for a briefcase, the Kenneth Cole “The Last Op-Port-Unity” Briefcase is an expensive option we recommend.


Subscriptions are perfect for giving a variety of options in one, like a modern day stocking. One new subscription to add to the list is a Bento Box. The box is filled with a selection of 4-6 versatile, wardrobe staples that are hand-selected based on personal style and fit preferences. It’s free to try. You only pay for the pieces you keep. 

Looking for other options, here are a few more to add to your list:

  • Cardigan – for the offices that are just as cold as the outside

  • Tie Clips or Cufflinks – Details complete outfits

  • Starbuck/Dunkin Donuts gift card (people love their coffee)

  • Books and magazine – great for personal and professional growth

  • Home Office Supplies

  • Headphones – They come in handy for the morning & evening commutes 

  • Grooming Set – Help him feel and look great as he walks into the office

  • Luxury Facial Wash – 

  • Business Card Holder

  • Set of Golf Clubs – We all need to work on our game!

  • Personalized Stationary – Handwritten letters NEVER go out of style

  • Laptop Cases – Now the young pro can retire the backpack for a more functioning gift

If you have a gift ideas you think should be added or a shopping guide of your own, comment below!

Happy Shopping!


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When we wake up in the morning and prepare for the work day or class, we get dressed, pack our bags, eat (or attempt to eat breakfast/a meal) and then off we go. We sometimes forget to make sure we have on our best accessory, OUR CONFIDENCE!


 In this age of social media, it is hard not to get envious when you see peers achieving their goals, or starting new positions we would like to be in. Even in the office it’s hard to continue the motivation when you get knocked down with harsh feedback or fall short of expectations.  However, one thing we must NEVER do is COMPARE OURSELVES or feel a sense of DEFEAT in these type of situations.                                                                                                                                                                  

CON·FI·DENCE – a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.                                                                                                                                     

Just like we put on our favorite lipstick, or even our favorite colorful socks, we must wear our confidence everywhere we go. Confidence is a type of accessory that is felt more so than seen. Confidence can’t be bought so I can’t tell you where to shop but it does require you searching through the closets of your soul to locate it. It’s for your benefit before it’s for anyone else.

BE CONFIDENT that you’ve completed an assignment to the best of your abilities, BE CONFIDENT that all your hard work will get you the recognition and promotion you may want, and finally, BE CONFIDENT that you are the best regardless of what anyone has to say, or the the wrong that has happened. You don’t have to have the most expensive clothes to be the best dressed in the room, so wear your confidence with pride!

– Be Wall Street Chic

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