Fail & Try Again: Balancing Your 9-5 & Your Side Hustle


Let me start by saying I am NO EXPERT! I’m still trying to get the hang of balancing both (still fail at times). I too listen and read about many millennials who are working full time, making their dreams become reality on the side, and glamorize the blitz of it all.

Trying to work my full-time while also making time for hobbies and endeavors that I’m passionate about has been a test of my skills and dedication. Knowing that one day I want to become a full-time entrepreneur and own my own business, the journey and work ethic starts NOW. If you want the freedom and opportunities that come with owning your own, there are practices you must learn now rather than later. The great thing about my journey has been that I’ve learned a few things along the way. You probably know what they are already, but just read! They still hold true.

Stay Motivated & End Inconsistency

This is probably my biggest challenge. At times I would be inspired and come up with tons of topics on the spot and begin to write the posts at that moment. I felt amazing, productive, and proactive! But with the highs come the lows. There would be moments when I didn’t feel like writing or blogging at all.I blame a lot of that by looking at social media. Comparing myself to those of my peers left me feeling depressed, disappointed that I wasn’t where I thought I would be, and wanting to throw in the towel. The trick to overcoming inconsistency and procrastination is to stay motivated!

Be consistent with all aspects of your business whether they be: creating images, sending emails, reading articles, listening to podcast, etc. For me, I may not post everyday, but best believe each day I’m working on something towards my business. Realize what you are doing IS FOR YOU, not for the approval of others. Aim for authenticity and value rather than mediocrity. Even though it’s been awhile since my last blog post, it’s encouraging to hear others mention that I have inspired them. That alone gives me the motivation I need to stay consistent and see my dreams become reality.

Schedule/Manage Your Time

The concept of time and how I value and view it has changed drastically over these past seven months. Social media, television shows, events will always be there. Use that time wisely on more valuable tasks. If you haven’t mastered the art of time management… well for one, you’re not alone. The goal is to master this skill now before you decide to add more onto your plate. For example, my lunch is the only guaranteed break I get at work for myself. I use that time to read books, read articles, follow-up on emails, check into my social media, etc.

The great advancement of today’s technology is that everything can be (almost) automated. Using your resources like your calendar, Buffer, Trello, etc can help you stay organized with the tasks at hand. Lists keep me up to date & on top of all my tasks; but I would rather have them on paper in my planner than on my phone. Whether it’s using an app like Trello or keeping a planner,  find a method that works for you.


Take a Break, Don’t Force It

I started this post by saying you needed to end your inconsistency and stay motivated, but there comes a time where you need to leave everything as it is, and step away. In the mist of blogging and attending events, my 9-5 had me on THREE BUSY SEASON clients back to back. Working from 9-12 or later in a room with no windows and 5 or more people for seven days straight is no joke! What I failed to realize was, instead of worrying about getting three posts out a month, my self-care is way more important. I was BURNOUT and mentally checked out!

Stepping away from work, social media, and your environment allows you to clear your head space. And no, it’s not a bad thing to take a break! You aren’t slacking if you do. You are taking the opportunity to gather new ideas and inspiration. You are removing yourself from the over-thinking, over-planning, and over-doubting mindset we tend to get stuck in. 

If there was a manual on how to juggle my day job and my passion, my accomplishments would be endless; however since that’s not the reality, I surely have to discover new ways to manage. The driving force behind it all, is passion. Be passionate about your business, be passionate about the lifestyle you aim to have, be authentic with your passion and let that shine through you when you speak. Hopefully these tips help.


Leave a comment below on how you balance your lifestyles, even your personal one! I still don’t have one & need all the help I can get!.

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