July 7th 2015, I launched my brainchild After months of planning and designing, I decided to stop putting my dreams on hold and take the next steps to making my goals a reality.

To be 100% honest, I wasn’t going to celebrate this milestone. I’ve heard the phase, “only a small percentage of blogs survive within their first year”, & I feared that I had become that statistic! I hadn’t blogged like I wanted to, posted as often as I should have, or networked like I had planned & felt embarrassed for not living up to the hype I had created; however something in me & others around me refused to let me surrender.

If I’ve heard or re-instilled anything in me through this journey, it’s to NEVER GIVE UP!

Blogging is a PROCESS, not an overnight success story! When I began blogging, I thought “hey, people will see my vision, follow me, & I would get loads of support”, but that didn’t happen as planned or as soon as I expected. I stopped for a while because I thought it was pointless. No one would care about what they wore to work, or what I had to offer. However, I received loads of support from others that I never thought were paying attention to my brand. Without me noticing, I’ve allowed others to use their voice and skills in a creative way. I’ve motivated others to take action on their future and go after their dreams. Even though I felt like a failure, I had inspired others & with that, I couldn’t give up now!

With that being said, here are a few things I’ve heard in Year One:

Be Patient – Patience is my worst enemy! Like I mentioned, blogging isn’t easy. You will not gain thousands of followers overnight, unless you decide to buy them (OOPS). Just know that your vision will come together in time. Don’t rush the process!

Be Authentic – Everything I post relates to the brand and what I want my brand to be known for. Don’t try to be like the others, be you! Let your true ideas flourish and thrive. 

Collaborate & Network – If you have an idea that would be great with the assistance of another blogger, reach out! Even reach out to brands that align with yours! It doesn’t hurt to try. 

Find An Accountability Partner – This has been my biggest struggle. I have loads of posts drafted but sometimes lack the motivation. Find someone who will listen and check up on you to make sure you are continuing on with your goals (Thanks Jessica!!!!!) 


Keep Learning! – As your blog grows, so does your level of learning. Learn from your experiences, failures, networking events, articles, etc. Anything that will expand your knowledge, use it to your advantage. 

Many may not know but for as long as I can remember I have loved fashion (creating, designing, sewing, etc.) Now, blogging is nowhere near fashion design, but it provides endless opportunities

to incorporate all my skills into one brand and bring it full circle.

Chic on Wall Street is still unique for the simple fact that no one has the style sense that I have or the vision to take corporate fashion by storm!

So as I enter my 2nd year of blogging, I pray and plan to accomplish a few goals…

  • Design and Revamp my website

  • Revamp my Logo & Gain ownership of my name

  • Continue to grow with my brand

I won’t make promises, but let time and my work do the talking.

Before I forget, thank you to my supporters, my family and friends who have read my posts, proofread my posts late at night and early in the morning, listened to my ideas, provided advice, provided suggestions, and continuously motivated me on my journey! ❤ Love you forever for that and more!

I hope you found this post interesting and possibly motivational to start making your own dreams reality! Feel free to leave comments down below!

– Be Wall Street Chic, XOXO

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