Make-up Regimen Made Simple – Work Edition

When getting ready for work in the morning, I need a makeup routine that’s short and sweet, but still gets the job done. I also don’t want to break my bank account for expensive products that are for daily use. Thanks to the help of beauty blogger Leann Marie, she was able to provide her collection of drugstore products that can be used in unison or alone for the perfect work look.

Check out our favorites below!


Maybelline Master Prime Primer – $9.99

A weightless primer to address different skin concerns. Available in 4 different primers






Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-1 Foundation/Concealer – $10

A full coverage, water resistant foundation with added concealer. 

Available in 19 different shades.





Maybelline Master Bronzer Kit – $12.99

A universal bronzer and highlight kit. It contains 4 different bronzer/highlight shades






Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara – $8.49

A volumizing mascara. Available in 3 different colors.







Pixi Beauty MultiBalm – $12

2-1 Cheek and Lip Colors. Available in 6 different shades.






What items do you have in your regimen? Comment with the product names down below!


About the Blogger

Leann Marie is a beauty blogger who resides in New Jersey. With a love for everything beauty, she shares her thoughts on products as well as expresses her talents through her makeup. Visit her blog for more. 


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What You Listening To? – Favorite Podcasts

At least once a week I dedicate a day to just listening to podcasts. I aim to be a diverse, “woke” inspiring millennial, who is driven and business oriented, so I don’t want to limit myself. My podcasts range from politics, to blogging, to black girl talk, to motivational talks from other entrepreneurs. They all achieve my goal of inspiring me! I’ve been BIG on energy and vibes lately. You have to ask yourself, “What am I feeding myself?”, “What am I allowing into my headspace and hold my time and attention?”. It plays a role on your progression. So, here are my few that I listen to EVERY week!

On One with Angela Rye

If I was to ever change fields into politics, I would want Angela Rye to be my mentor! Hey, maybe she can be my mentor now! Anyways, her podcasts provides you with honest answers to the pressing political, racial, and pop culture questions of the day. I’m here for her challenging Trump, speaking on banking Black, and ways for everyone to get involved. We need to be change agents in our societies this day in age and she provides small ways we can make changes everyday!


The Minority Trailblazer Podcast with Greg Hill

I don’t know how I landed on Greg Hill and his podcasts, but I haven’t missed one! The Minority Trailblazer is a weekly podcast dedicated to minorities who are blazing a trail in business & in life. These trailblazers are from many different walks of life and the answers you hear from Greg’s rapid-fire question segment will leave you feeling inspired, educated, and encouraged. It’s amazing to hear from individuals our age making tremendous strides towards their goals.


How I Built This with Guy Raz

This podcast was recommended to me a few times before I jumped on board. Each episode highlights the innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists who built their movements from the ground up. I’ll speak for myself when I say I need to hear the nitty gritty of entrepreneurship. It’s not all glamorous as Instagram would make it to be! 


This list honestly does not even touch the half that I still have left to play. Some truly honorable mentions are (in no particular order):

Super Soul Conversation – (this is honestly tied with third)

Myleik Teele’s Podcast

Behind the Brilliance – (just got put on to this)

Black Girl Podcast

Dreams in Drive

Side Hustle Pro


What podcasts do you listen to that keep you motivated/inspired? Comment below!

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10-Piece Business Trip Outfit Ideas

For the past few weeks, I’ve been in and out of New Jersey and Florida for work. Normally, I have a hard time packing for trips, let alone business trips. In the back of my head, I’m asking myself, “What’s the weather going be like?”, “Are we going out anytime during the week?”, “How casual is this other office compared to mine?” Too many questions for a simple solution. I’ve put together 10 pieces that are interchangeable for a week filled trip. I’ve used this thought process to narrow down my suitcase and my frustration.

Besides the necessities, it’s best to pack these basics:

  • 2 shirts – Camis, tank tops, and bodysuits really do the trick!
  • 2 blouses – I tend to pack longer sleeve blouses since most offices decide to freeze us out
  • 1 skirt – Midi skirts are perfect because they aren’t too short but long enough to still move in
  • 1 pair of jeans – Always bring a pair for after work drinks or casual Fridays
  • 2 trousers – Choose bottoms that are neutral colors and of different fabric for more variety
  • 1 dress – Black is the go to! It’s the easiest to convert from day to night.
  • 1 blazer and/or cardigan – This is more for “accessorizing” your outfits and staying warm
10-Piece Business Trip Outfit Ideas
10-Piece Business Trip Outfit Ideas by brittmonique featuring a tory burch purse

Usually, I’m all for LOTS of colors and patterns; but when packing, stick to pieces that can be paired easily with each other. Coordination is key. This provides more options for your mood, weather changes, and the agenda for the day.Even better, you’ll even have the ability to pack everything into a carry-on bag with ease! Another quick tip! Most time if you bring a garment bag on a flight, the attendants will let you store it in the closet. – source: Buzzfeed

Of course you can’t forget your shoes. Limit the amount to 2-3 pairs, if that! Your shoes can make the statement when the outfit doesn’t. Find a pair that coincides with your pieces and are comfortable! Might be hard to meet those two requirements, but it’s worth a try! To alleviate the pain, bring a pair of handy, dandy flats for those long days!

Professional settings aren’t the place for elaborate accessory pieces. Sophisticated accessories like a gold watch or statement necklace go a long way more than gaudy jewelry that comes with it’s own sound system.

With this many pieces, you should be about to make a 12 or more solid outfits for your trip. 1-2 weeks worth of outfits is better than just 4 separate outfits that require more than what you can bring. Try this method out and let me know if this worked for you!

*Warning* These items aren’t from my closet and some are beyond my price range; however you can gather the idea of what items you can place together and the versatility of your wardrobe.

Items Listed 
Michael Kors peplum dress


Damsel in a Dress wrap top
$97 –

Joseph pink blouse
$430 –

Public School wide leg pants
$650 –

WithChic midi skirt
$27 –

Polo Ralph Lauren pants
$210 –

Chunky heel sandals
$37 –

Tory burch purse
$235 –

Gucci watch
$990 –

Gucci flower lipstick
$39 –

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NYFW Experience

It’s the BEST time of year for fashion, especially here in New York. You should be hip by now to know it’s NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! My longtime goal and dream is to own my own fashion company and brand. I’ve made many strides, which I’ll reveal in due time, but this experience was a check off my bucket list.

After networking with a few of my peers and mentors and I was offered the opportunity to be one of the dressers for an upcoming designer Minika Ko. Minika is a fashion designer based in New York City who received degrees in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and in Music Business from New York University. Her line KOllision debuted during #NYFW at the historical Church of Holy Apostles.

Even though I got lost and was EXTREMELY late (very long story), it was a very hands on experience. As soon as I walked into the door I was stepping in to help with the run through, streaming dresses, & even added my very little, irrelevant input to the order of the show HAHA. I was among FIT students listening to their experiences as we waited for our next assignments and I realized my life experiences didn’t have me as far off to my dreams than I expected.

Overall, I had an AMAZING TIME! Seeing and speaking to a designer creating pieces I envision myself designing in the near future was the best opportunity ever. And to think, all over asking for pattern-makers on my Instagram. Close mouths don’t get fed! Anyways to learn more about Minika and her kickstarter line, click the link here!

Follow Minika on Instagram @Minikako!

Love the collection? Comment below with your thoughts!


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